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Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Imperative Motivation"

The following article came from an email from a business associate George Allan
He is a long time Internet Marketer and a very successful one at that...There is a good lesson here for all of us.....Enjoy...
George Marshall

If you are like most people in the U.S., you drive an automobile -
but - how often do you really think about what you are doing while
you are behind the steering wheel? -- You don't think about
applying pressure to the accelerator. You don't really remember
how you decide how much pressure to apply ... too little, you slow
down in the middle of traffic ... too much, you get a speeding

Or, how about steering the car? -- Without remembering what you are
doing; or how you are doing it, you easily keep the car in your
lane of traffic. And, when you want to turn left, or right, you
just turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go and
guide the car smoothly and accurately into the correct lane of
traffic in the chosen direction ... without considering the
coordination of steering, accelerating and braking you have

You don't think about it, you just do it. But, it wasn't always
that way.

If you will remember, back when you were first learning to drive
you probably had a hard time just keeping the car between the
ditches. -- It took a conscience thought ... and no little effort
... to get the car to go where you wanted it to go, at the speed at
which you wanted to go ... without bumping into, or running over,

The reason you drive so well (I hope) today is because, at the time
you were learning to drive, your dreams of driving yourself to and
from school events, or to a job, or cruising with your friends ...
chasing girls (or boys) ... was all-important to you. Nothing else
was quite as important. Your social life and economic future were
irretrievably linked to your ability to drive an automobile.

Driving an automobile meant freedom ... freedom from depending upon
your parents ... freedom to go the places you needed or wanted to
go when you wanted to go ... freedom to explore places you had
never been before and do things you had never done before ...
freedom to be yourself. -- If you didn't learn to drive an
automobile, you knew you would forever be dependent upon someone
else to get you to where you wanted to go.

Aren't those 'reasons' for learning to drive an automobile very,
very similar to the 'reasons' you've wanted to own your own

Owning your own business means freedom ... freedom from depending
upon someone else for a paycheck ... freedom to have the things you
need or want when you want them ... freedom to pursue the
activities you just can't afford on a paycheck ... freedom to be
yourself. -- But, in all too many cases...

It Just Ain't That Important!

Think about it. -- Learning to drive was all-important to you when
you were young because, if you didn't drive, you simply couldn't
survive in our mobile society. Even the survival of the human race
seemed dependent upon your learning to drive. After all, if you
couldn't drive, you would be less likely to find a mate and

But, owning your own business isn't quite that imperative.

Without a business of your own, you can still get a job and earn
enough to afford, at least, the basic necessities of life. And,
even people who have never held a job have mates and procreate ...
and procreate ... and procreate some more.

Beyond that, when you were learning to drive a car, you were more
than willing to pay the price to achieve your goal. -- Even though
you had giant butterflies in your stomach every time you seated
yourself behind the steering wheel you persisted.

There were times you just knew you would never learn to control
that great iron-beast, but you persevered. -- After all, your
social and economic life depended upon you learning to drive ...
not learning would mean the death of your hopes and dreams.

While owning your own business is a worthy goal, less than 2% of
those who pursue that goal do so with any kind of dedication. --
They have the desire but not the ...

Imperative Motivation!

Talking about 'motivation' is easy - but - getting 'motivated' is
not an easy task ... especially when there is no imperative (life
or death) reason to become motivated.

Face it, most people would like to be rich and successful ... or at
least be better-off than they are. -- Some dream of driving a
luxury car, living in a big home in a fine neighborhood, and taking
vacations at exotic locations around the world. Others envision
paying-off their debts, having a little-extra in their saving
account, and being able to just go on a vacation.

The dreams are real - but - unless the person having those dreams
is 'motivated' to make their dreams a reality, it will never
happen. After all, they won't die if they don't achieve their
goal; no matter how grandiose their goals may be.

Young people won't die if they don't learn how to drive a car
either - but - they firmly believe that, if they don't learn how to
drive, they won't have a life; which is just about the same as
being dead to them.

When you think about it, it really is a ...

Sad Commentary On Life!
While over 90% of the young people in this country find it
imperative that they learn to drive a car, less than 2% of those
who want a better life ever do anything to achieve it.

It is especially disheartening when you receive a 'note' like this:

"Jim, please take me off your mailing list. I have been reading
your materials for over 20 years. In all that time it has never
made me any money. I'll be 65 this year. I really wanted to make
some money from your programs but I guess I'll just have to live
off my Social Security."

Sad. -- Over the same 20 years he was reading my material, I was
making millions upon millions of dollars doing exactly the same
things; the very same way, I was teaching him (and all my other
readers) to do it.

Although there are thousand upon thousands of books, booklets,
reports and courses on the market on almost every subject relative
to making-money, no one has yet discovered a way to get the people
who read that information to "use" it.

What is the "Imperative Motivation" that separates the 2% who
succeed from the 98% who only dream? -- Maybe we will never know.

It's up to you!


I told you,,,it is wonderful isn't it?


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