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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why Has The Free Franchise Concept Taken The Online World With Such A Storm? By Don Keith

I received this article in this mornings mail from Truly, Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits has become a legend in its own time. It's time has arrived; a MLM business building tool, the likes of which have never been seen before, has experienced such an enormous success, like never before seen in Internet Marketing . Don has taken the time to analyze just some of the reasons why it has become such a "hit" with Internet Marketers...An excellent and straightforward expose'. George Marshall

When one realizes the phenomenal growth of some of the Free
Franchise systems since early 2006, the question of "Why?"
often comes to mind. Well, as with most new phenomena,
there is more than one good reason and I'm sure I haven't
identified them all but here is what I believe to be the
"big" reason for this growth explosion.

The idea of a free franchise for online business building
has addressed a large and obvious need in the Network
Marketing, Multi-level marketing or MLM industry. There are
more than one of these systems where they provide a proven
step-by-step type of franchise system for marketing almost
any product or service successfully online using the
internet. Following a generic proven process of online
marketing allows almost any distributorship or MLM to work
successfully for the "average Jane or Joe" without the age
old "dread" of having to "take it" first to ones friends
and family.

A few years ago the movie Pay It Forward demonstrated the
value of investing today in people and resources and then
making them available for free to benefit the lives of
others. It's a little different slant on the old theme of
"we reap what we sow". This principle of "paying it
forward" ie: investing today in people with the expectation
that the good fruits will return to you in the future has
boomed online since early 2006.

Those who have started these free franchises have invested
thousands of dollars and hours and then taken their finely
tuned success system with vast resources of training and
made it available to the masses for FREE. They could have
charged large fees for their system and training as most
traditional franchises do, but instead, they have chosen to
"pay it forward" (using the movie's terminology). The
results are seen in an amazing growth within these
franchises as people from all kinds of different businesses
start to learn and use these systems as the vehicle for
growing their existing business or starting a new one

When one starts poking around in the free members areas of
most of these systems, it is almost overwhelming. There is
such a vast array of live and recorded training, member
forum activities, tools and resources. These are available
to help one learn and use the system to realize profits
that can then be used to fund your business's accelerated
growth. The main thing that prevents it all from being
overwhelming is the clear and straight forward step-by-step
or "paint by numbers" system they use to walk you through
the learning curve.

There are hundreds of companies that use the MLM approach
to marketing their goods or services because of the low
start-up costs and quick to market results that often
accompany that venue. The appeal of MLM to the millions
who would love to become independent and "take their job
and shove it" is well known. Equally well known however is
the traditional (and VERY unappealing) approach of trying
to take the "opportunity" first to friends and family
(commonly referred to as your warm market).

What the developers of these free franchise systems have
done, is to provide a system to train and educate the
average person (including those with minimal computer or
internet experience) in successful internet marketing
without any out of pocket cost for the training and
sometimes personal mentoring. With these new skills in
hand, the "newbie" starting out can get their business up
and running and profitable before they ever go talk to
their friends and neighbors about "the opportunity" or
their products or services. In fact the systems are
designed so that you really never need to talk with any one
until they have already responded to an impersonal online
invitation and thereby shown an interest and asked for more

When a person starts with a proven online marketing system,
they are directed to the top productivity tools on the
internet. These are among the very best in their class -
proven over time by the system developers. While the tools
do cost money, with many of them, there is also an
affiliate or commission program that can also earn cash to
put into or "fund" the promotion of one's main business.
This quicker cash flow that then funds the building of the
main or primary business is why the systems are often
called "funded proposals".

By making small amounts of cash with business building
resources like website domain and hosting, lead generation,
networking, traffic and advertising tools or services, the
online business person then has fresh cash to "fund" the
growth of their primary business. These systems not only
point the uninitiated to the best tools and services, they
often provide audio and video training on the best and most
effective ways to use them. The developers have really
taken thousands of dollars worth of trial and error out of
the process of building a business on the web if a person
follows the proven system.

I have been very impressed at the number that really "tell
it like it is". With the best of these, you are warned
that if you are looking for that ever evasive "silver
bullet" that will solve all of your problems without any
expense or effort then you need to look elsewhere. These
successful (and sometimes multi-millionaire mentors)
actually tell you that you have to invest your time, talent
and resources and be patient and persistent if you want to
be successful.

They give you training, point you to the tools, programs
and techniques that are proven to help you in the process,
but they also regularly "hammer home" the principle that
there "is no free lunch". Success comes as a result of a
burning desire, determined effort and your own actual

Would you like to work at home or work from home and be
your own boss? Are you tired of all the hype - the "make a
million in minutes while sipping your pina colada" sales
pitches and the "quick easy money" seductions (because
you've tried them and lost both time and money)? If so,
then one of these free franchises for building your
existing business online (or starting a new one) might be
just right for you.

Because they are free, you can register and then go look at
the steps. Listen to the training, ask questions of other
members in the forum if they have one and decide (with no
pressure) if you really are willing to work and invest in a
realistic and proven way to gain your future financial
freedom. If you are, you might be the path you will want to
follow is one where you have the benefits of a proven
franchise but where the system and training are free. Take
some time and check them out - it may change your future

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